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A fresh Italian-inspired pizza concept in the heart of Amman, Pizza SQRD is set to redefine the city’s pizza scene. With our signature highly hydrated airy dough slowly rising over 4 days for a remarkably complex flavor, you will enjoy biting on a crispier exterior like you’ve never witnessed (or tasted) before; Pizza SQRD is so light that you will keep asking for more! Our Italian trifecta of flour, tomatoes and cheese guarantees Italian originality, while using fresh local produce gives you a taste of home; a heavenly balance made at Pizza SQRD. 

With a variety of signature SQRD pizzas, we also offer seasonal pastas and salads to make your SQRD experience even richer, catering to all taste buds and culinary preferences, from vegans and vegetarians to meat lovers… You will find just the thing for you.

We take pride in serving quality,

with fresh and superior taste in every square!

A more nutritious option, Pizza SQRD is stomach-friendly with a dough rich in Omega-3 and vitamins B & E.

Our dough is a mix of passion and bakery science, where we let fermentation do the work for 4 days to produce a highly digestible and delicious pizza.


find us

Al Ezz Ben Abd As Salam St.

Building #20

Amman, Jordan


[email protected]

opening hours


Daily: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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